Full Circle Souljahs
Full Circle Souljahs

Full Circle Productions, founded in ’92 -established as a non profit in ’96, is embarking on another year of cutting-edge Hip-Hop on local and international stages, streets, cyphas, and the industry.

The company began as a duo comprised of Kwikstep and Rokafella, who then invited retired Hip-Hop DJ & B boy royalty to relight their fire and reclaim their crowns. Before long, Full Circle grew to include Beatboxers and MC’s and dancers of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Full Circle provided an environment for women to train and perform breaking repertoire comparable to their male counterparts on and off stage. Members, who range in age from teens to early fifties, help to create a network of interactive empowerment of elders and youth. This range creates a multi faceted cycle of learning about Hip-hop history, the industry and life lessons.

Full Circle, the only Hip-hop dance company of its kind in NY, proudly references its roots and style to street performing- which is where Kwikstep and Rokafella began their journey. In the span of its two decades plus existence, Full Circle has hosted international Hip hop contemporary companies for exchange to representing Hip-Hop at places once intangible to the street vibe such as The Library of Congress in Washington D.C., where they have the credit of being the first Hip-Hop group to grace the stage. The repertoire of soulful resilience brings the universal sense of struggle to the surface as a common link that unites us all.

Music videos, tours, commercials and films have featured members and students of Full Circle Prod as a testament to the idea that art can become your career if you are disciplined and ready to take risks. A short documentary “Visiones – Latino Culture in the U.S.” aired on PBS highlighting the Kwikstep and Rokafella’s journey operating Full Circle Prod, maintaining street credibility and holding on to their cultural background. Full Circle has impacted the theater realm with street aesthetics, urged commercial mediums to return to the elements and most importantly stepped into educational forums with the message that Hip-hop is a culture- a continuum of social exchange. Film, theatrical pieces, and music comprise the various mediums Full Circle employs to give back and replenish the cycles of growth in the community. They believe there is a need to reach out to all generations, and Hip-hop is the perfect bridge.

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