Full Circle Souljahs
Full Circle Souljahs


"Full Circle Souljahs" is the dance based collective sustained

by Full Circle Prod Inc- the non profit platform that FOSTERs the

vision to preserve and evolve NYC Hip-hop culture onstage,

in a cypha, in a classroom

and in your heart ! 


   Inspired by the street and brought into theaters, Full Circle offers a full spectrum of

Hip-Hop Culture that is approachable and straight-from-the-heart.

It is our desire to inform the world that Hip-hop is deeper than what the

popular media offers.

It's about real people, striving to change and grow; it's about holding onto high self esteem and

moving past systematic limitations using the

power of creativity within the body led by music and good company.

    MC’ing (Rap), Beatboxing, DJing, Aerosol Art, and Dancing have all crossed language and distance barriers

very much like its predecessors Jazz, Tap and the Blues. At a time when Hip-Hop is seen as a commercial vehicle in the mainstream our goal is to maintain Hip-Hop Culture as a positive character building urban expression.

    We share our passion, experience and wisdom with everyone on and off stage.

We believe dedication can help overcome the challenges of life and in so doing establish

an intangible form of dignity and self love.



Kwikstep AKA DJ KS 360
Hip-to-da-hop RACE final pose 2013 Hostos Community College
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